The Insincere Shield

This is a simple musing, and I am certainly not the first person nor the last to voice an observation that simmers just below the surface of my interpretation of human behavior now, then and seemingly way too far in the predicted future:

“In the name of God” is the biggest fake since the invention of cinema.

The constant use of “God” to justify violence and in most cases, pure evil has become quite intolerable to me.  Even in seemingly lesser circumstances such as graft, greed, insecurity based judgements, lack of tolerance for no harm differences, the common self divined human capacity for “interpretation” of what God wants has also become intolerable to me.

The God I contemplate is completely unknowable, is above the fray of humanity, and in fact, may be above it by a significant distance.  The God I know could be embodied more simply in my personal observation of Life Itself.  By this, I mean that LIFE, i.e., a pile of chemistry that somehow can organize and reproduce itself, is God.  God is LIFE.  And, when you remove the “astonishment of mortality” that clouds all human thinking… from our societal need for order and ethics, morality, etc. (all laudable), LIFE exists only for Its own sake.  Period.  And, LIFE understands clearly that sometimes one is the windshield, sometimes one is the bug (thank you Mark Knopfler).

LIFE seeks to reproduce Itself, in any capacity and in any form.  It doesn’t understand good and evil, It doesn’t understand or recognize organized religion, It doesn’t concern Itself with any judgements, assessment of history, media shenanigans, racial unfairness, or the current CAFE standards for automobiles.  In fact, if we as a species are clever enough to completely waste everything that LIFE has provided for us here on this planet, LIFE doesn’t care, doesn’t give a hoot, won’t even notice.  If we evaporated tomorrow as a species in entirety, LIFE would allow processes to take place that would likely yield the “next” hierarchy on this planet, and it would likely be unrecognizable to puny humanity.

Ironically, my personal contribution to LIFE is simple.  I have existed, I have reproduced (two sons) I have been involved.  Ultimately, if this matters even in the short term of the next 1000 generations, it will be due to the random realities my sons experience, not me… at least as far as I can see from my 52 year old vantage point.

In the name of God.  I hope at some time in the future this obtuse rationalization for antisocial behavior dies a permanent death.  May the reality that “God” as “LIFE” isn’t really interested in human events (our entire history is but a fleeting gasp in the infinite annals of regarded history) be our mantra.

Maybe then we can get on with the more urgent matter of treating the rest of LIFE with a bit of kindness.



About pbwilder

Over halfway to 100 years old. Finally have enough perspective on life to start pontificating, mostly for my own amusement. If folks find ideas of interest, send money. No, seriously, join in. Life without ideas is like milk without Toll House cookies. - PBW
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