End Of Line


<END OF LINE> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Newline

“End of Line” (EOL), line feed, or line break) is computer code-speak for the end of a line  or lines of code) within ASCII [American Standard Code for Information Interchange] or EBCDIC [Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code]. When displaying (or printing) a text file, this control character causes the text editor to show the following characters in a new line.

<END OF LINE> when applied to humanity’s short existing on the planet has many reverberant returns, invoking everything from extremely real scientific research going on at this very moment (and has been for the better part of a century) to wild ass conspiracy theories, with tidbits of actual facts molded and shaped to form an opinion.

Here’s mine. Artificial Intelligence, ESPECIALLY during this unexpected COVID-19 Pandemic, along with the social unrest fanned by both closet and actual anarchists, will quietly rise to levels of public and social integration, with the general public not even being aware of it.

Certainly, major news outlets and their incessant cycling and recycling of topics haven’t even considered it, with many of them being the beneficiaries of AI when it comes to audience retention via headline development.

What, you don’t believe it???


Believe it.

In my personal opinion, “Armageddon” is likely to NOT be instantaneous, but take a boat load of time. Maybe thousands of years. Maybe we avoid our species extinction, maybe we don’t. Comedian George Carlin, nearly 30 years ago, thought we would not.

George Carlin: Saving the Planet – Full Transcript

At the risk of being called out for it, here’s my personal up-to-the-moment opinion:

We’re not paying as much attention to all of this as we should be, and instead have devolved into name calling, finger wagging, judging, and much much worse on the “violence to eachother” scale. Surely this can’t be good for a bright future.

Here is a list of links – from today, 29 July 2020,  that support my position that we are not paying enough attention. Going through them all will take some time. NOT going through them all will keep readers more ignorant of where they are actually living, here and now. As with each of our personal historical arcs, decisions, decisions.

With a bit of an acknowledged full-body shudder from me, here we go…

[Of note: Skynet is a fictional artificial neural network-based conscious group mind and artificial general super-intelligence system that serves as the main antagonist of the Terminator® films franchise, begun by Director James Cameron]

These links are to real technology, in use and available now…











“…Its [OpenAI] goal is to be the first to create AGI—a machine with the learning and reasoning powers of a human mind. The purpose is not world domination; rather, the lab wants to ensure that the technology is developed safely and its benefits distributed evenly to the world. But three days at OpenAI’s office—and nearly three dozen interviews with past and current employees, collaborators, friends, and other experts in the field—suggest a different picture. There is a misalignment between what the company publicly espouses and how it operates behind closed doors. Over time, it has allowed a fierce competitiveness and mounting pressure for ever more funding to erode its founding ideals of transparency, openness, and collaboration. Many who work or worked for the company insisted on anonymity because they were not authorized to speak or feared retaliation. Their accounts suggest that OpenAI, for all its noble aspirations, is obsessed with maintaining secrecy, protecting its image, and retaining the loyalty of its employees.”

James Cameron [“Terminator®” film director] has got to have a smirk on, followed by his own full-body shudder.

And thus ends the musing for today, a balmy day in July 2020 here in Northern Vermont.

Be well. Be safe. Be smart.


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Over halfway to 100 years old. Finally have enough perspective on life to start pontificating, mostly for my own amusement. If folks find ideas of interest, send money. No, seriously, join in. Life without ideas is like milk without Toll House cookies. - PBW
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