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Over halfway to 100 years old. Finally have enough perspective on life to start pontificating, mostly for my own amusement. If folks find ideas of interest, send money. No, seriously, join in. Life without ideas is like milk without Toll House cookies. - PBW

Following the Herd

[from Monty Python’s Life of Brian] FOLLOWERS: Brian! Brian! Brian!… BRIAN: Good morning. FOLLOWERS: A blessing! A blessing! A blessing!… BRIAN: No. No, please! Please! Please listen. I’ve got one or two things to say. FOLLOWERS: Tell us. Tell us … Continue reading

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My God, It’s full of Stars…

            I won’t be the first or the last person to comment on this seminal statement from Arthur C. Clark and Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey (in fact, it actually was in the book … Continue reading

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Dear Mr. President

Dear Mr. President (Feb 2018) A short list of thoughts from someone who didn’t vote for you—or your opponent—in 2016. (used “write in”) Caveat: an apology, as “letters to the President” are hardly original. 1. Thanks for the positive financial … Continue reading

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Rules to Live By

The challenge for so many of those committed to religious fundamentalism is that they have a difficult time recognizing that they have knowingly locked themselves into what is really a closed room of intellectual fascism. I observe that this plays … Continue reading

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The Ongoing Relationship between Ignorance and Despair

The title of this blog is what creates everything from gang violence to economic upheaval.  The solution is more complicated than extracting a higher percentage of wealth from the rich.  The only solution is education, but there is a hurdle … Continue reading

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Live in the Now

A preposterously silly film, “Wayne’s World” created years ago by comedians Mike Meyers and Dana Carvey (SNL alums and more) still has many moments of pithy salience, perhaps my favorite being “Live in the now!” This is hardly a new … Continue reading

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The Awesome Power (and disregard for) the Disclaimer

This is an article based solely on disclaimers, which I personally find akin to bald-ass  lying—but legally.  With a disclaimer, you can CLAIM anything, and then refute the claims, or at the very least, adjust them downward to the point … Continue reading

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